About Us

Vermont Adult Learning is a private nonprofit and a member of Learning Works, Vermont’s Adult Education and Literacy System.  We provide basic skills instruction, high school completion, transition to college and career services, and English language instruction for New Americans.  Our programs are free to our students, who are aged 16 and older and who lack a high school diploma or the equivalent skills.  Our goal is to reduce the negative effects of poverty on our families, communities, and workplaces by ensuring that all Vermonters have the skills and confidence necessary for success in the 21st century.

We partner with other nonprofits, community organizations, state agencies, schools and colleges to maximize efficiency and the best possible outcomes for our students.  We also partner with you, whether as a volunteer, a mentor, an employer, or a donor.  We change lives through education and exposure to new possibilities.

Every student receives an individual learning plan based on skills, interests, and learning style.  The High School Completion Program and the support of our many friends means opportunities for dual enrollment in college, tech center courses, paid internships, driver’s education, and countless other possibilities designed to re-engage individuals with education.  Last year, VAL served over 2,000 students with skill levels ranging from nonreaders to college prep.  Over 500 individuals earned their high school diploma or GED!

Our Mission is to provide adults 16 years and older with necessary skills to successfully transition to employment and post-secondary education.june 3 052

Our Vision is that all Vermonters are literate and have skills to successfully participate in family, community and workplace.  At VAL, individuals transform their lives through the integration of education, life and work skills.  VAL is a recognized essential partner in an integrated fabric of services assuring that every Vermonter has access to opportunities for advancement.

Our Core Values

  •  Academic Rigor
  • Student-centered Learning
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Respect and Accountability
  • Lifelong Learning
  • Collaboration
  • Responsiveness to Individual and Community Needs

Our History:
Vermont Adult Learning began in 1980 as the Vermont Institute for Self-Reliance (VISR) providing Adult Basic Education correspondence courses. From there VISR added literacy services through newspaper and video courses as well as in-home tutors and GED testing.  In 1991, we won the contract from the Department of Education to provide Adult Basic Education services in 7 counties, including Addison, Chittenden, Franklin, Grand Isle, Rutland, Windham and Windsor Counties. In 1996, VISR changed its name to Vermont Adult Learning, and since that time we have been providing basic skills education, English language for non-native speakers, the High School Completion Program, GED preparation, work readiness and college transition programs as well as employment services under specific contracts in those seven counties.  We work with students to earn their high school diploma or GED and prepare them for transition to further education or employment. Our centers provide a safe, comfortable, professional, and supportive learning environment that works for many individuals who have not been successful in traditional schools.

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